Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hon. Adewale and Development of Amuwo Odofin LG

Hon.Adewale and Amuwo-Adofin LG Development

At a times when politics got tough in amuwo odofin local government, especially on who should be the next chairman of the local government , people were saying a lot of things that comrade Ayodele was young and that he could not pilot the affairs of local government.
Today,all those negative thoughs have been proved wrong by the performance of the executive chairman, comrade Ayodele Adewale.I believe in the adage that says ' tough time do not last but tough men do last.'
Comrade Adewale various landmark achievement ,visionary ,well-focused agenda, remarkable innovations, people-oriented and quality leadership have proved him the best man for the job.

I sincerely commend the leadership and political prowess of council boss. What the opposition thought he could not do he has done better. And of course this exemplary commitment has clearly enshrined his name in the history book of Amuwo Odofin local government and Nigeria in general.
The administration of the local government under the leadership of comarade Adewale has actually touched every facet of life in Amuwo Odofin local government..
If I should go by statistics, 50 street sweepers, 50 green club memebers, 30 drain duck workers, 143 street protectors/defenders,66 cleaners for public schools and 50 young men for man o'war, just to mention a few, have been employed within his 200 days in office.

The Amuwo-Odofin executive chairman comrade Ayodele Adewale , has embarked on building and renovation of schools, and also promoting education standard by purchasing JAMB and GCE forms for students in the council.

The council boss said that he has purchased 500 JAMB and 600 GCE forms for students who are willing to further their education to tertiary institution , in addition to free tutorial class for indigenous students to promote education in the aera.

Comrade Adewale said ,' we have constructed a block of six classrooms at Avenue primary school at Igbologun primary school,renovation of 3rd Avenue primary school, production of 220,000 exercise books and of 13380 uniforms for public primary schools in Amuwo-Odofin local government council.

In another development the renovation and upgrading of facilities at the public health center in mile2 and Festac, complete with equipment and free medical treatment to residents are also said to have become operational. Provision of medical equipment to Igbologun PHC, employment of seven doctors, two pharmacists to improve the health centre services have been put in place as regular EPI progammes, free diabetes and hypertension tests.

His administation has sisncerely treaded on the path of honour by fast tracking all the needed developments within the local government.He deserves kudos for work well done so far.

Jeff Nkwocha
Local Government Study Network
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