Thursday, August 6, 2009

Non conduct of LG election in Anambra State

Dear Editor.

Non conduct of LG election in Anambra State

Why is it always Anambra State ? This was a statement credited to one of the Northern State Governors on the socio-political impasses in Anambra state.

Anambra state is the only state that is holding election in 2010, one year short of general election in Nigeria as a result of political palaver.

Anambra state also earned a special status in many other ways. Apart from being the first in the history of the country to record what could be termed the first civilian coup d’etat, it also took the same position in many other national developments. It is the first state where a sitting governor lost his or her position on the basis of a successful election petition, the first where a governor failed to celebrate a month in office.

It is on record that Anambra State is the only State that had not conducted local government elections since 1999, ten full years into the present political dispensation. By this singular act, the State government has not only alienated the people from having their representatives close enough to serve them but has denied them the much cherished dividends of democracy. This was exactly what President Umaru Musa Yar’adua had in mind when he said, “It is our abiding belief that failure in instituting an acceptable process by which the representatives of the people are chosen will definitely resort in failure in the long run. Yes Anambra State has failed in the long run, no good road Network, no water , no security of life and property,corruption and money laundering is now the order of the day.

We the members of Local Government Study Network are calling on the people of Anambra State not to vote for any governorship candidate that has no plan to conduct Local Government election.

Jeff Nkwocha
Local Government Study Network


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