Sunday, May 9, 2010

Halt mass sack of LG Chairmen

Halt Mass Sack Of LG Chairmen
The Constitution of Nigeria states in Section 7(1): “The system of local government by democratically elected local government councils is under this Constitution guaranteed and, accordingly, the government of every state shall ensure their existence.”
For years, this section has been observed largely in the breach, otherwise how we can reconcile the fact that Anambra State, for example, is yet to conduct LG elections since 1999?
Also, in Bauchi State, the entire 20 LG chairmen were suspended for eight months for an offence that indicted none of them.
In Owerri, similarly, the Court of Appeal has ordered the Abia State Government to reinstate the 17 sacked LG chairmen because they were yet to complete their tenure.
In Kaduna State, the state House of Assembly is set to replace the 17 LG bosses with Sole Administrators, even before the expiration of their tenure in March next year.
The political intrigues in Benue State, coupled with the so-called LG reform, had not only swept 12 LG chairmen out of office but also landed them in the EFCC’s net.
Today, there are no worthy examples of local government councils across the land, even as Governors who have sworn to uphold the Constitution violate section 7 (1) among others, with embarrassing ease.
The tier of government at the grassroots needs to be rescued from extinction. A situation where elected LG chairmen can be sacked by the trio of state governors, state assemblies and the legislative arm of the council areas can no longer be acceptable to Nigerians.
•Jeff Nkwocha
LG Study Network

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