Friday, April 16, 2010

Hon. Ogieh and Isoko South LG Development.

Hon. Ogieh and Isoko South LG Development.
The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to stormy present.
The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with
the occasion. As our case is new, we must think anew, and act anew.
-------- Abraham Lincoln

In a recent news report, the Delta state Gov. Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has commended the chairman of Isoko South LG, Chief Askia Ogieh for various people oriented projects he has excuted in the council Area.
Uduaghan made this commendation at Oleh, Headquarters of Isoko South LG while commissioning a cassava processing factory built by the council boss. The cassava processing plant which he has successfully executed has the capacity of employing 100 persons with over 500 farm -hands supplying the plant.
Inspite of initial hiccup by the legislative arm of the council in the administration of the local Government, Hon Askia Ogieh has risen up to the occasion to develop Isoko south.
He has constructed a drainage system in Oleh motor park, built chairman”s Quarters, Legislative Building , Water Board Road in Emede with interlock tiles. Rehabilitation of Oleh Abattoir and construction of Toilets and water Boreholes for Ozaha primary school,Oleh and staff of the local Education Authority
Again what endeared Chief Ogieh who is also the chairman of Association of local Govt. of Nigeria (ALGON) Delta State , to his people was his passion to industrialise his council. His Industrial policy contrasted sharply with other LG Chairmen who think that what it take to develop their LG Area is to adorn their council secretariat with ornamental tress and paintings
.The concerned citizens of Isoko for instance noted that since the chairman resumed office, he had" pursued with vigor the execution of his electoral promise within the contexts of the three point agenda of the state Government.
In the same vein, Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan was quoted as saying that the cassava processing plant cum industralisation of isoko south is a challenge to the state government,
Finally, when critical indices for industrial Development in the third tier of Government is put on scale, Isoko South LG will surely occupy an enviable position.
Other council chairmen should borrow a leaf from Ogieh.

Jeff Nkwocha
LG Study Network