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Isah’s performance in Ankpa LG of Kogi

Chance, they say, governs all things; necessity, which is far from having the same purity, comes only later.
The emergence of Honourable Isah Abdul as the Chairman, Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State is an interesting tale of destiny. Or how else would one view the story of a seasoned bureaucrat holding the reins in the stormy, intriguing yet strategically important entity in the polity of Kogi state?
That is so because Isahis a simple, unassuming and focused civil servant at the local government level, who attained the pinnacle of his career as Director of Local Government.
But as chance would have it,while a peaceful retirement beckoned, a transition saw him calling the shots in Ankpa council being the DLG.
This development set a mood of expectations,cynicism and of course skepticism across the council. Again that was so because it is a very difficult task to govern people as this is regarding the council, it becomes even more complicated.
Good a thing, MrIsahdid not disappoint in the expectations cast upon him; he has proved that cynics only know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
The skepticism that built up he also ensured only remained notional to those who so nursed it. He proved, once again,that with challenges comes a man true mettle.
Through experience and determination he brought Ankpa council to the dawn of a new era. Juggling pragmatism and nuance,he was able to calm nerves and restore peace and security in the area by bringing stability and balance into the political ruling class, traditional institution and government business.
In the course of time,he built for himself a reassuring solid track record of administrator par excellence. Little wonder then when in 2001-2002, Prince Abubakar Audu, a former governor of the state, appointed him the sole administrator for the council.
During this period too, he displayed increased obligation to duty and dedication to performance. He is committed to integrated health and education as well as environmental sanitation.
He is famous for the involvement of community members and other stakeholders in the playing of key roles for achievement of developmental objectives.
Needless to say, since becoming DLG, Isah Abdul face has become a recurring decimal on the threshold of governance in the council. Following the dissolution of councils in the state by Governor Idris Wada, he was appointed to the position of liaison officer 1, a position he continued to occupy until his election as the chairman of the council.
The ambition and strength to move the council ahead on a sustainable course of growth is a necessity to which he must rise in order to justify the people trust and meet their yearnings.

•Musa Wada, 08035937424, writes in from Abuja.
Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hon Ibrahim’s strides in Kogi’s govt

Gone are the days when leaders thread with conscience and are mindful of accountable stewardship. Gone is the era when leadership commits to general will and ensures better living conditions for the masses simply because it is their rights to be so provided for.
In these times of self-serving leadership disposition, finding one man who holds himself conscientiously accountable to the people, while wielding the strength, mystery and glory of leadership is akin to discovering an oasis in a desert.
There is still such a man in Honourable Umar Ibrahim, the Chairman, Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State. Ibrahim is a true testament to the desirable quality of our humanity and a worthy example of leadership.
Famous for his self-effacing humility, Honourable Ibrahim is both a successful businessman and politician. His philanthropy and concern for the less privileged is legendary.
He once told a friend that he would rather the earth opens up and swallows him than he goes to see a people in unpleasant circumstances and unable he unable to help out.
He is given to self-denying sacrifice so much so that he gives much of what he has to those who need more. Honourable Ibrahim, for as long as anybody can remember, has continued to extend the sympathies of his heart in what seems like an avowed determination to see that life deals a fair share to all humanity and that those whose time it is to die would die happy knowing that the best of what life had in store for them.
He has demonstrated that the fullness our hearts more the size of our bank account is a true measure of our humanity.
It is not surprising then for all good deeds never go unrewarded, that Honourable Ibrahim was appointed as special Adviser to Governor Ibrahim Idris on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.
In this position, he is reputed to have deployed his amiable personality and diplomacy in bringing about needed transformation and probity in the affairs of the department.
He continued to endear himself to the people who in turn yearned to have him in loftier positions.
The people’s wish for their man was granted when following the dissolution of the local government councils in the state, he became the liaison officer 1 for Bassa council.
Within the few months that he served as liaison officer 1 for the council, he recorded remarkable achievements which included among others the building of a modern local government secretariat, a standard central mosque, completion of the new NYSC lodge, vigorous pursuit of the upgrading of electricity to the national grid,as well as repairs and extension of road networks in the council.
Today, Ibrahim sits as the Chairman of Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State and the people are in an upbeat mood,filled with expectation dream and hopes of a rendition of his characteristic goodness.
The challenges before him are legion. From household poverty to educational backwardness and inadequacy of institutional and social infrastructure,Honourable Umar must live up to his midas touch reputation.

•Musa Wada (08035937424 writes from Abuja.

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