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Hon.Nsirim and Obio/ Akpor LG re-election victory

Hon.Nsirim and Obio/ Akpor LG re-election victory

Written by Jeff Nkwocha Tuesday, 28 June 2011

There is a big lesson to be learnt from the outcome of the last LG elections in Rivers State, in which the incumbent chairman of Obio/Akpor LG , Prince Timothy Nsirim, JP and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won overwhelmingly.

The lesson for politicians who hold public office is that the electorate do appreciate and indeed reward outstanding performance by holders of public office. In the case of Obio/Akpor LG, the people truly appreciated the monumental achievements recorded by Hon. Nsirim's administration during its first tenure.
This appreciation was expressed in the ballot box which gave him 118,026 votes to trounce his closet rival who got 1,349 votes.

But Prince Nsirim's success in the polls did not come overnight. It was a product of four years of hard work and transformational leadership offered by his administration in the Local Government council.On assumption of office in 2007, the LG Boss left no one in doubt about his mission to transform Obio/Akpor to a model council Area.

He has proved to his people the essence of developpmental governance at the grassroots. From the length and breadth of Obio/Akpor Local Government are torrents of excitement of Nsirim's laudable achievements and success story.

Prince Nsirim JP, has in the past four years taken the administrative political entity within his jurisdiction to higher pedestal and invariably raising the standard of living of the people in complementing the developmental initiatives of the Governor of Rivers State, Right Honourable Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. Nsirim, within the period under review, implemented projects in various sectors and Wards in the local government.

On road projects Nsirim committed council funds to provide 16 link roads in various parts of Obio/Akpor Local Government Council. The link riads include: Chakara/Mission Road Choba, 1.2 km; New Jelusalem Road Eliozu, 1.2 km; Rumuesara Road Eneka, 1.1 km; Palace Street Woji, 400 meters; Thompson Ichegbo Street; Rukpakwadima; Rumuodomaya, 450 meters; Anaka Road Ogbogoro, 900 m; Odoluku Road Elelenwo, 1 km; Isaiah/Odolu Road Rumueme, 1.1 km; Okocha Street Rumuigbo, about 600m; Ihunwo Street Rumuepirikom; Canaan Avenue Rumueperikom, 480 m; Worlu Street Rumuigbo, 400m; Omarunma Road Rumuadolu, 1.1 km; Wobo Street Rumueme, 600m; Amadi Street Rumueme, 1.2 km; Oriebe Road Ozuoba, 1.2km; Okoa Street; Rumuigbo, 400m.
Other projects include Clearing and Dredging of Rumueme Section of Ntawogba Channel; Reconstruction of Parade Ground and Council Cenotaph; Face lift of Rumuokoro and Rumuokwuta Roundabout with National colours.

In fulfilment of his campaign promise to empower women, widows, youths and create employment, Nsirim embarked on market projects to boost commerce and encourage handicrafts. These include International Market with state of the art abattoir at Rukpukwu; 20 open stalls at Rumuagholu Market;
20 open stalls at Rumuoduwere Elelenwo; Lock-up shops at Rumueme; 20 open stalls at Eliozu Market; 20 open stalls at Rumueme Market; Lock-up shops Rumueme; 20 open stalls at Mgbuoba Market; 20 open stalls at Ozuoba Market; 20 open stalls at Rumuekini; 20 open stalls at Elelenwo; 20 open stalls at Rumuolumeni Market, Rumunduru Origwe; 20 open stalls at Rumuokwurusi; 20 open stalls at Rumuoliumeni; 20 open stalls at Rumuodomaya; 20 open stalls at Eriebe; 20 open stalls at Oginigba; 20 open stalls at Rumuomasi; 20 open stalls at Mgbuosini Ora, Azi Rumueme; 20 open stalls at Eliopranwo; 20 open stalls at Mile 4 Market, Rumueme; 20 open stalls at Obi Wali road, Rumuigbo; 20 open stalls at Rumuokwuta; 20 open stalls at Ahia Ezi, Rumuoji Eneka; 20 open stalls at Rumuepirikom Market, etc.
The chairman also constructed standard boreholes in several communities of the 17 wards of the local government area to provide portable water to the indigenes. Communities that benefitted from this scheme include: Rumuodara, drilling and installation, Ward 1; Oroigwe, reactivation/maintenance, Ward 1; Mgbuesilaru and Rumunduru, Ward 2; Rumuokwurusi and Atali, Ward 3; Rumuodomaya and Rumuobochi, Ward 4; Rumuodunwere and Rumueheleze, Ward 5; Oginigba and Rumuogba, Ward 6; Eliogbolo and Elieke, Ward 7; Ayolu nu Inyanwa and Rumuezeolu Community, Ward 8; Elioparanwo and Wike Road, Ward 9; Oro-Akor and Oro Azi, Ward 10; Rumukpakani and Rumuchiolu, Ward 11; Rumuomi and Rumuorosi, Ward 12; Olanada and Rumuoganuolu, Ward 13; Rumuehinwo and Rumapu, Ward 14; Rumuekini and Alakahia, Ward 15; Ozuoba and Rumuokwachi, Ward 16; Mgbuakara and Mgbuoshimini, Ward 17; Rukpokwu Water Scheme with generator; Council Secretariat Water Scheme and a lot of other water projects for various communities.

The take over of the payment of primary school teacher's salaries by the State Government generated respite for Nsirim. The council boss utilized the funds that would have been expended on salaries to provide succour for the less privileged and disabled students and scholars of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area. Some of the beneficiaries include: Igwe George (Trainee Pilot), Professor J. O. Akaninwor (International Research), Adiele Favour. Others include Akandu Ikechi, Chimene Chinda, Emenike Eziwho, Amadi Collins, Igweh Bright, Kunge Ozioms, Job Peter O., Ndamati Bright, Omakalu Kamalu, Ozuru Philip, Weli Oluwene, Worlu O. charles, Worlu Amaewhule.

Nsirim also sponsored over 30 students to Law Schools in Abuja, Enugu, Lagos and Kano. The governor's policy thrust of overhauling, strengthening and delivering efficient and effective, affordable primary, secondary and tertiary health care services to the people, received a boost in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area. In his complementary responsibilities Nsirim spent public funds on the implementation of policies and programmes on Roll Black Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, leprosy, as well as environmental health.

In the recent Health Care Delivery Survey by World Health Organization (WHO) in Rivers State, Obio/Akpor Local Government was declared the best among the 23 local governments.

On power generation,several communities in the 17 Wards, notably Eliowhani, Rumuekini, Rukpakolusi, Rumuchinda, etc, were provided transformers by the chairman to enhance electricity distribution. Skills acquisition facilities were provided at Rumuepirikom. These include: computers, printers, Office furniture, for business centers, as well as hair dressing equipments for saloon and sewing machines.

Despite land constraints, the incumbent Chairman of Obio/Akpor Local Government Council built an ultra modern fish farm at Rumuekini, to boost agricultural productivity.

Though not necessarily considering this as achievement but expected responsibilities, it is remarkable that the Chairman renovated six office blocks, provided utility vehicles and modern office furniture.

This compendium is widely believed to have situated Nsirim within the realm of superintending grassroots developmental governance that is in compliance with Millennium Development Goals and capable of generating potent stimulant for growth and sustainability of democracy in Nigeria.

Jeff Nkwocha
LG Study Network

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