Friday, February 10, 2012

Prince Abass Aleshinloye and Development of Oluyole Local Government Area

Prince Ayodeji Abass Aleshinloye

Local government councils are the arm of Government closest to the grassroots and from which people and the communities expect the most dividends of democracy but this hardly come true because of lack of adequate funding,undue interference from state governments etc.

Regardless, some smart managers of these establishments have been able to use the limited resources at their disposal to make appreciable impact on local communities.

For instance, Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo Sate has been reworked under the able leadership of Prince Abass Aleshinloye, the executive caretaker committee chairman. Prince Aleshinloye anchored his developmental stride on Road construction, health care delivery, education and workers welfare.

Indeed, a major milestone has been achieved in road rehabilitation, he has not only embarked on massive grading of all earth roads, he has flagged off the tarring of major road at Odo-Ona Elewe and Olomi side at Ile Sheu.

On healthcare delivery, Hon. Aleshinloye policy of partnering with Non Governmental Organization like the Lions Club is paying off as over 1150 free eye glasses has been distributed across the LG Area. 30 patients receive free surgery operations and there is a program of free medical check-up to the people. Education is not left out as free exercise books are procured and distributed to secondary and primary school pupils on regular basis.

In rallying support for his Government from corporate organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders in the council Area, Prince Aleshinloye said, “we believe that government cannot be running all alone and you cannot sit down and be waiting for the monthly allocation, we have to move so as to be able to do things for the benefit of our people''.

Jeff Nkwocha

LG Study Network

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